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As Justin Trudeau put it in 2019, "Never before has change been this fast, and it will never again be this slow."

We are in a time of unparalleled change, across every industry, but especially in relation to healthcare and pharmaceutical businesses. Economic pressures, behavioural changes, technology advances and of course the inexorable explosion in the application of artifical intelligence.

We know we need to do better, but where should we start, how do we balance the short and long term, how do we bring our teams along with us, and and how do we make sure that we are doing enough to keep up?

This is what we do. Drawing on our experience in healthcare, in digital technologies, in behavioural science and fundamentally in business change, we imagine, design and build programmes of change that make a difference, both now and in the long term.

Our starting point is always to listen to, and understand the problems and challenges our clients are facing, before leaping into solutions. The services below



CHANGE READINESS is a comprehensive service designed to help organizations effectively navigate and adapt to change. Our team of experienced consultants works closely with clients to assess their current readiness for change and develop tailored strategies to enhance their preparedness. Whether you are undergoing a major organizational transformation or implementing new processes and systems, we provide the tools, resources, and expertise to ensure a smooth transition and successful outcomes. With our CHANGE READINESS service, you can minimize resistance, maximize employee engagement, and build a culture of continuous improvement.



We know the components that go to make up a successful governance model that will ensure that change is not just a one-off exercise, but something that becomes embedded in the long term planning of the business. We work with our partners to create a Change engine, a way of working and communicating, that encompasses initiating, managing and scaling projects that will add long term value.



Sharing inspiration for change, found from both inside and outside our industry, is a critical driver for long term success. We are connected to a range of experts and are continually sourcing and evaluating new ideas for change. This serves to support the adoption of a culture more open and enthusiastic about change and the possibilities that this creates.



Making change happen, but ensuring it is aligned to innovation goals, it is extensible across the organisation, and it is impactful and worthwhile. We work with your teams to ensure that projects are designed for success, and deliver on time and on budget using specialist partners wherever helpful.

Introducing our latest partner, Sqreem

Insights that stop you in your tracks. Outputs that shoot you forward... Invosphere has partnered with SQREEM AI, the largest behavioural healthcare knowledge base in the world, to transform pharma marketing. Our expertise allied with SQREEM’s unrivalled AI, is turning critical insight into actionable output for healthcare brands and their agencies.

Unrivalled audience intelligence, in minutes!

SQREEM unlocks the who, what and why of audience profilng and targeting, then delivers the how and where of activation – all in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional research. Actionable insights can be in your hands in minutes, not months. You’ll have everything you need to activate effective communications almost instantly!

Sqreem AI tracks...

SQREEM TRACKS 5+ billion websites, apps and devices; 1.2 million clinical studies; 3,500 medical publications; 10,000 consumer health titles; 150 medical speciality areas; Data from 78 countries.

What Sqreem gives you

SQREEM CREATES An instant view of your market’s needs and wants: ☑️ Audience segmentation by DOLs, HCPs and carers; ☑️ Interactive digital personas with real-world attributes; ☑️ Competitor activity and market penetration report; ☑️ Visibility of white spaces in the market; ☑️Seamless interaction with legacy data and CRM; ☑️Precision omnichannel programmatic media delivery; ☑️Ongoing impact measurement;

Oustanding performance

In short, Sqreem delivers performance that smashes expectations of campaigns and platforms. Time and again, interaction rates are 10 or 20 times higher than platform averages!

Get in touch now to understand more

Effortless. Peerless. Priceless. SQREEM is a first-to-market AI solution that’s changing pharma forever. For total confidence in your marketing strategy, call now or request a demo. Call us on +44 7504 891357 or drop a line to Ross@Invosphere.co.uk

Rick Mills


Rick has spent years working with global pharmaceutical businesses on creating new ways of connecting. Best summed up in a Linkedin recommendation: "Can turn his hand to almost anything and do it to a bewildering high standard due to his perfectionist nature. Everybody needs a Rick shame there isn't more of him to go round!"

Ross Taylor


Ross has a long record of successfully imagining, creating and delivering business transformation programmes, particularly in the healthcare space. Change creates enormous opportunities and this is what he has done so successfully - to see change, imagine how this creates opportunities to perform better, and to initiate projects that address the commercial, operational and vitally the cultural activities that enable major global pharmaceutical businesses to evolve.

Rob Harrison


Rob helps our healthcare clients design, build and deliver winning experiences with customers that help improve human outcomes in healthcare, whether patients, pubilc, doctors or policymakers. He does this through imagining and creating superior customer experience. He leads teams that integrate Invosphere’s expertise to measure, design, build and deliver improved customer experience, bridging capability gaps to deliver impact in the market. Rob has over 30 years of digital marketing and consulting experience in the life sciences industry.

Ray Short


"As we navigate the complexities of the Life Sciences sector, I'm reminded daily that our work at Invosphere is more than just a pursuit of technological advancement—it's a commitment to improving human health and well-being. Our focus on applied Digital Health is not merely about innovation; it's about crafting solutions that empower healthcare professionals and patients alike, ensuring better outcomes and more efficient care." Ray, now a pivotal force in digital transformation in healthcare, is a key figure at Invosphere, where he carries this vision forward.