Introducing our latest partner, Sqreem

Insights that stop you in your tracks. Outputs that shoot you forward... Invosphere has partnered with SQREEM AI, the largest behavioural healthcare knowledge base in the world, to transform pharma marketing. Our expertise allied with SQREEM’s unrivalled AI, is turning critical insight into actionable output for healthcare brands and their agencies.

Unrivalled audience intelligence, in minutes!

SQREEM unlocks the who, what and why of audience profilng and targeting, then delivers the how and where of activation – all in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional research. Actionable insights can be in your hands in minutes, not months. You’ll have everything you need to activate effective communications almost instantly!

Sqreem AI tracks...

SQREEM TRACKS 5+ billion websites, apps and devices; 1.2 million clinical studies; 3,500 medical publications; 10,000 consumer health titles; 150 medical speciality areas; Data from 78 countries.

What Sqreem gives you

SQREEM CREATES An instant view of your market’s needs and wants: ☑️ Audience segmentation by DOLs, HCPs and carers; ☑️ Interactive digital personas with real-world attributes; ☑️ Competitor activity and market penetration report; ☑️ Visibility of white spaces in the market; ☑️Seamless interaction with legacy data and CRM; ☑️Precision omnichannel programmatic media delivery; ☑️Ongoing impact measurement;

Oustanding performance

In short, Sqreem delivers performance that smashes expectations of campaigns and platforms. Time and again, interaction rates are 10 or 20 times higher than platform averages!

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Effortless. Peerless. Priceless. SQREEM is a first-to-market AI solution that’s changing pharma forever. For total confidence in your marketing strategy, call now or request a demo. Call us on +44 7504 891357 or drop a line to